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Our Company

Revinstar Holdings (Private) Limited is a limited liability company registered in Sri Lanka and engages in providing diverse range of printing and packaging solutions. Our product range includes self-adhesive labels, stickers, tags, printers and printer equipment.

The company has successfully built long term relationship with world leading brands in this industry over the years by maintain it is strategic position in the local market. Revinstar is the pioneer in introducing latest technology into the industry by creating knowledge hub on the label  producing and printer ribbons. The technically equipped dedicated sales team at Revinstar is in a better position in offering you more complete if competitive solution by considering all your order requirements

Our Values

To always meet the specific requirements of all our customers. Our business philosophy encompasses the following core values:


We make sure that each and every time every single job gets done


We keep ourselves at the cutting edge of technology and innovation by continuous investment in state-of-the-art European machinery


We are a business with complete trust in our capabilities to handle challenges in a very competitive business environment


We have loyalty in our human resources and their communities whom you serve, and we contribute today well-being and success

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